Hi, my name is George Kefalas, and I am a time traveler from the future. I came back from the future because I am a super fan of my story and I want to relive it. Only this time, I will be a spectator and the narrator of my story instead of the hero in it. I am also back to help my younger self who is lost and undriven and for all of you who need some inspiration and help like him.

My world view is that every individual is capable of greatness. For me, greatness is reaching our potential, embracing our uniqueness and authenticity, and living a purposeful life instead of having just a career. I believe each of us should strive to be the super version of ourselves. We can all be Superhumans of Tomorrow.

Each one of us is a character in life’s story, but we can be the heroes in our own stories. We can all become great if we embrace the tougher path, an unconventional path. A hard path, but in we will be at ease because it is the journey to our Greatness.

So, sit back and listen while I narrate my hero’s journey. For now, I am no one, and I don’t know much or anything at all. I am just a character, not a hero, but this is a hero’s journey, and I promise to become one along the way.

In this blog, I write about personal growth, self-development, and writing. I also share my reflections on my life and writing journeys, and the ideas, books, resources, and motivation for those who want to start a journey to their greatness of their own.

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That is all for now, but know this is only the first chat of a long conversation between the world, myself, and you. Welcome to my blog, and I hope we can continue our chat soon.  

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