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Month: July 2017

The Secret to Learning Anything and to a Good Night’s Sleep

I couldn’t sleep no matter what I did. And I thought I could try and do the unthinkable.  Before that, I exercised, had a hot shower, meditated, gulped two cups of chamomile tea, and counted white sheep. Then I counted more and more. But it takes just one black wolf and its howls to disturb the sound of silence. A sick brain that won’t quit troubling me with either its endless energy or stupid worries.  Why wouldn’t it be quiet? Damn it! Disturbing my sleep, the one thing I love the most. The only time I can take a break from...

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8 Books My Future Self Said I Should Read to Try to Live a Successful Life

Life sucks. I suck. You suck. I was clueless as a kid, and I thought I would at least have a small clue about how life works when I grow up. I thought adults had figured out life. I know now that everyone is as clueless as me and we are taking life day by day.  Perhaps it’s all B.F. Skinner’s fault. According to his operant conditioning theory, if we behave right and display the desirable action, there will be a positive reward. And I survived childhood, four years of college education and that horrific despacito song. Along with everything else...

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“Hey, kid, wait!” “What is it?” he said, as he walked away. “WAIT!” I shouted, “I am not your enemy. Why does it always have to be like this with you?” “Like this? What do you mean, Mr. Time Traveler from the Future, if that is even a real thing?” “Black and White. With you, everything is black and white at all times.” “What if everything is black and white? Why do you care so much?” he said while shrugging his shoulders. “Don’t tell me you forgot again?” “Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about.” “How...

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