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Month: June 2017

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

He was a small-town kid, and by the time he was dead, he became a legend and a giant, one of the greatest impacts on the American culture, and still is. He failed over 300 times in the pursuit of his dreams without losing enthusiasm. With every failure came a lesson, with many tries came a few victories. He went bankrupt, was evicted from his house and his studio, and colleagues and friends abandoned him when they lost interest in his vision. Other people said he lacked creativity and artistry, rejected his work many times, told him his animations...

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Clark Kent Vs Superman. Who Is The Real Man Of Steel?

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” Nonsense! How on earth is a child or a young person supposed to know the answer to this question? I thought about this question many times when I was younger and still do it now that I am 25 years old. Even now I don’t have a good answer for it.  Maybe I am weird or stupid as I don’t understand this question. But maybe it is the question that is all wrong. The answer to the meaning of life is forty-two. Does this answer make any sense if...

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10 Reasons Why Being A Time Traveler From The Future Is A Superpower

I needed a mentor and a savior. But I am shy, I lack resources, and I suck at networking. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I turned to books which are the next big thing. The books lead me in through a path that ended back to myself. It got me thinking and I thought maybe I should be my own mentor and savior, and then I did. James Gatz created the persona of Jay Gatsby—The Great Gatsby. I, myself created the persona of the future version of myself—THE GREAT VERSION OF ME. I envisioned an...

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